Slash your cloud spend effortlessly.

Elevate your cloud cost optimization beyond human capacity.

95% of companies are overspending on cloud. Join the 5%.

Opteon continuously monitors your k8 clusters and enables advanced responsive optimization in real-time.

Reduce cloud waste

Cease unnecessary expenses and get the most out of your budget with spot instance automation, autoscaling, instance selection, bin packing, and more.
Benefit from 50% or more recurring savings.
Lower upfront commitments and locked-in capital.
Slash CO₂ emissions and achieve sustainability goals.
Paid for with a fraction of your savings.

Wave goodbye to manual work

Leave behind time-consuming tasks, embrace effortless and continuous automation for streamlined productivity and limitless optionality.
Level up from manual and periodic checks.
Automated implementation without additional effort.
Remain optimal 24/7 with continuous real-time adjustment.
Easily evaluate the full spectrum of possibilities.

Boost control, increase resillience

Leverage the latest FinOps practices, augment the visibility and confidence in your cloud operations.
Maintain control over actions at all times.
Understand the implicit choices behind your setup.
Surface insights to enable intelligent decision-making.
React immediately to cost spikes to prevent costly mistakes.

No compromises

Get started in seconds without putting your security or privacy at risk. No billing access required.
Works only on cluster-level data, not sensitive information.
Compatible with all frameworks and IaaS platforms.
Maintain existing architecture, no alterations required.
No constraints on engineering decision-making.

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